About Us

The first Pasquale’s was founded by Pasquale Gramaglia in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1953.  In 1956, they began franchising the restaurant, becoming the first pizza chain in the country.  In 1969, the company was sold to their Birmingham, Al franchisee who decided to take the company public.  By 1977, the chain had doubled in size to an all-time high of 244 locations.  In 1986, it was sold to a Canadian company.  In 1990, they reorganized their American holdings and sold the company which was down to 35 locations to a Birmingham businessman.  In 2006, he sold it to another group who had planned to revitalize the chain and open 1200 locations.  In 2008, the Pasquale Corporation stopped its support of the franchises.  All franchisees were left to find replacement products.  This is why each restaurant will have different menus.

Today around 20 independently owned operations still exist in Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Indiana, and Ohio.  Most have no connection with any other location, other than the name and the passion they share to serve the great food that Pasquale’s has been known for all these years.

Pasquale’s came to Greenville in 1964 and was the towns original pizzeria. It was run by the Weeks family until 2005.  Mr. Weeks retired at the end of 2005 and sold to the Fedrick family.  Pasquale’s moved to its current location in 2010.